Terms and Conditions

(Terms and conditions of participation with Tabuk Tourist Attraction

Tabuk Tourist Attraction is a Saudi agency registered in the Ministry of Commerce, Commercial Registration No. 3550026410 and accredited by the General Authority for Tourism and Heritage and National License No. 1200130,

licensing category (organizing internal tours – organizing departure tours).

Tabuk Tourist Attraction for Adventure” is the brand on which the products and services of the Agency are marketed. We at Tabuk Tourist Attraction apply the safety requirements in our journeys and we are very keen to provide the best possible level of organization because safety and quality are part of our goals and the first principle of our principles. Our trips are preceded by preparations for all the details of the trip and are in direct coordination with the local and foreign government authorities and there is a field team equipped if it is needed , I hereby declare that my participation in this journey voluntarily and entirely at my own desire. I understand and acknowledge here that I can face risks, injuries or death – God forbid that- as a result of air disturbances, violence, terrorism, crime, disease, kidnapping, political instability or otherwise. And here I emphasize with my full mental strength and my will that the all of the above and other risks that may arise during my trip may happen.

When you make reservations on one of our flights, you acknowledge that you have read and understood and have agreed to the terms and conditions set out in this declaration:

1. Understanding risk and waiver of cases:

I fully understand all kinds of risks and agree in my personal capacity to bear all the risks and responsibilities related to my participation in this trip, and I have exempted Tabuk Tourist Attraction Club and its employees and representatives (individuals and companies) in my personal capacity completely from all kinds of responsibilities legally, materially and legally which may arise from any kind of negligence by the club (Including death) that affects me personally or affects my property or both .

 I promise not to claim or take actions or judgments or claim to incur losses or expenses or costs including attorneys’ fees that may arise or happen at any time during or after the trip.

2. Team leadership:

All decisions made by the team leader or their representative regarding the safety procedures or homogeneity of the participants are final decisions. Failure to comply with the directives of the team leaders or their representatives, or the negative impact on the path of the trip or lack of respect for the customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia give the team leader or their representatives the right to cancel your participation and ask you to leave the site immediately, the departures will bare the fees of traveling and accommodation if they leave early.

3. Provision of equipment and clothing for the trip:

During walks in nature, mountain climbing, similar activities, climbing world or international summits, mountain bike adventures, diving, cruises or other programs, participants must wear the required trip equipment at all times. Tabuk Tourist Attraction from its side is not responsible for the provision of equipment and clothing or the consequent of non-wearing clothing and equipment required by Tabuk Tourist Attraction  or non-compliance with the instructions of the trip leaders or their representatives. Customers who risk not following the above instructions will bear all responsibility and should be aware that this may cause serious injury.

4. Rules of Ethics:

I understand that each state has its own laws and standards of moderate and acceptable behavior, including the rules of clothing, morality, behavior, politics and religious matters, rules against or with the use of drugs, smoking, alcohol and how to act in public places. I agree that acts that violate these laws and regulations may cause problems in Tabuk Tourist Attraction relationships with these countries and their institutions and may cause security and safety damage. I will be informed and will take care to solve all the legal problems that I face me with any foreign figure or the government of the host country or any country I visit or pass by through my travels. Tabuk Tourist Attraction is not committed to providing assistance in such circumstances. It will not be responsible for any participant who violates the laws and regulations in our destinations. We will not be responsible for any participant who made special arrangements before and after the trip.

5. Endurance and Fitness:

Many of our trips require a physical effort that is determined by each path. The environment of the place may contain hard or moving rocks, snow or otherwise and in some cases the temperature is high and in some cases there are very low you must notify Tabuk Tourist Attraction of any health or morbidity you suffer from before the trip, which may require interference Medically during the trip and may affect the harmony of the participants in the trip, knowing that Tabuk Tourist Attraction forbids participation of those who have heart problems or obesity or blood pressure problems .the club reserves the right to cancel the trip after the start of the journey and at any time without return Fees if your medical or psychological condition does not allow continuation of the Trip or may affect participants.

6. Information and Marketing Policy:

Please notify the team leader or his / her representative by paper notification if you do not wish to take photos during the trip. Tabuk Tourist Attraction reserves the right to use images and videos in the advertisement and marketing of its activities and trips.

7. Privacy Policy:

The information we collect before and during the trip is kept strictly confidential and we will not deliver this information to any party such as the name, postal address, telephone or identity number to any foreign authorities except for the local authorities or in the country where the trip takes place ,if requested. No participant shall be allowed to photograph or publish the photos of the participants without permission. In this case the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be applied.

8. Traveler’s Responsibility:

I understand and agree that Tabuk Tourist Attraction does not represent or act as an agent for other companies and can not guarantee the actions of other companies or cancel services or refrain from providing goods and services from any host institution, host family, transport company, hotel, tour operator, restaurant or other supplier.

I understand and agree that there is no responsibility for Tabuk Tourist Attraction  in the case of delays or cancellation of arrival or departure dates, change of fees, cancellation of hotels and flights, cancellation of transportation companies’ reservations, inability to catch up on domestic flights, illness or disease transmission (Including death), loss of property, damage, alteration of weather, strikes and any conditions beyond the capacity of the Tabuk Tourist Attraction , also we are not responsible or any Force Majeure, wars, quarantine, civil unrest, kidnapping, threats to public health, criminal acts, terrorism, Loss of property and bankruptcy of airlines or other service providers such as conflict of dates, suspension of services, mechanical errors, negligence or non-provision of services in any manner related to accommodation, restaurants, transfers, or any other service, and shall not be responsible for replacing hotels or any other service for reasons beyond the control of Tabuk Tourist Attraction by prior notification or without prior notice and shall not bear any additional expenses resulting from any of these above things .

If I have to spend extra nights due to the weather, the flight schedule or any uncontrollable conditions Tabuk Tourist Attraction will not be responsible for the cost of accommodation, transfers, meals or any other costs. My personal belongings and property will be transferred on my my personal responsibility.

9. International travel risks:

I fully understand that my participation in this trip involves risks of various types that may not be present in my usual place of residence. I am aware and understand that these risks include travel to and from a foreign country or more than a foreign country. These risks include travel by plane and all types of transfers that may cause damage to property or individuals or cause death. The risks include foreign policy risks and legal, social and economic conditions, It also includes different standards in the design, maintenance and security of services provided, including computers, buildings, public places, sanitation, health conditions and weather conditions.

I understand and appreciate and I am totally aware of the  risks of travel that may contain risks to my health and personal safety, including loss of belongings, personal injury or death caused by war, terrorism, crime, kidnapping, illness, public health risks, accidents and community violence. I have also made my own inquiries about the destination and are ready to accept all these risks.

Note: Your travel insurance guarantees you comprehensive coverage in the case of delay or cancellation of flights or delayed arrival or loss of baggage. We advise you to purchase a travel insurance before the journey begins.

10. Rules and Regulations:

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Courts in the Riyadh Region, which is competent to resolve any dispute between the parties.

11. Complaints:

In the event of complaints, you are requested to immediately contact the team leader or his representative to be able to take appropriate action. If you are not satisfied with the team leader’s interaction with the complaint, we ask you to notify us by writing and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

12. Conditions and laws of booking :

1- If the customer cancels the booking or fails to catch up with the flight, the club will get the following amounts:

In the case of a written letter from the customer stating cancellation of the reservation 30 days or more before the trip , the full amount shall be returned to the customer within two weeks from the date of sending the letter.

2. If a letter of cancellation is received between 21 days and 29 days before the date of the trip , Tabuk Tourist Attraction will receive 25% from the full price of the trip.

3. If a letter of cancellation is received within 14 days to 20 days, Tabuk Tourist Attraction will receive 50% from the full price of the trip. The remaining amount will be returned to the customer within two weeks from the date of sending the letter.

4. If the flight is canceled less than 14 days before the date of the trip , Tabuk Tourist Attraction will receive 100% of the full price of the package and the remaining amount will be returned to the customer within two weeks from the date of sending the letter.

5 – If you wish to cancel the reservation and you have find a participant who takes your  place on your trip 13 days and 48 hours before the start of the trip, it can be replaced by your place after the approval of the competent authorities and Tabuk Tourist Attraction  .we are not responsible of searching for the alternative for you.

6. Tabuk Tourist Attraction reserves the right to cancel the trip or canceling the participation of any person in it without giving reasons in accordance with the above policy, and you will be notified if it is canceled. In such case, we will refund the amounts you have paid within two weeks from the date of cancellation, but will not be responsible for paying any compensation related to cancellation of the trip such as airline or hotel reservations.

13. Payment Methods:

1 – 50% of the price of the trip must be paid to confirm the reservation of the place of the customer on the trip.

2 – 50% of the full price of the trip must be paid to Tabuk Tourist Attraction 6 weeks before the start of the journey.

3. For flights booked within six weeks prior to their date, the full amount must be paid at the time of registration to ensure a place for the customer on the trip.

4. If the customer fails to pay within the times specified above, the flight may be canceled and the terms and conditions applied.


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